Part Time Social Media Manager (Remote)

Based Out Of Atlanta, GA

Job Description

Please refrain from calling about this job opening. If you have any questions after reading the description, feel free to email Otherwise, we look forward to reviewing your application!

The main objective of this virtual contract based role is to manage various social media accounts. As a company, our services include websites of all sorts, social media setup and management, logo design and branding, monthly subscription plans and various digital/website related work. We offer custom packages and pricing, work with virtually every website building platform and our prices are very competitive for the industry.

The qualified candidate will manage various social media accounts and take care of newly assigned tasks each day, as well as managing a regular list of daily tasks for the role.This role does not require any extensive training, as we are looking for experienced applicants who are comfortable with the listed applications and tasks. We are looking to hire those who are ready to jump in and take care of business with us. We will be working collaboratively with the hired applicant, utilizing daily communications but allowing autonomy for independent virtual work to be completed best for the contractor.




  • Successfully self-managing in a remote position with flexible hours to accommodate lifestyle.
  • Experience in successful social media management, content creation, copy-writing, and other creative services.
  • Familiarity with online marketing strategies and marketing channels, ability to grasp future trends in digital technologies and respond proactively.
  • Willing to learn more about what we do and be trained as needed to take on new tasks enthusiastically.
  • Desire to grow with our company as we do, maintaining flexibility and positivity in an ever-changing industry.
  • Have proven virtual and administrative support experience with a history of excelling in use of digital software in a changing environment.
  • Managing work successfully to complete tasks, communicating effectively and ensuring a professional business presence is maintained.
  • Expertise in multiple social media platforms with in-depth knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics, ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)
  • Maintaining a fundamental understanding of web design services and virtual services, including popular market trends.
  • Engages with the social media community and adds value on each platform, utilizing platform-specific ethical growth strategies.
  • Staying abreast of the current promotions and ensuring potential customers are made aware of them via social media.
  • Will pride themselves on organization, dedication, initiative, reliability, attention to detail, and resourcefulness.
  • Maintains proficiency in setting up social media accounts, managing and updating social media ads and curating social media posts.


  • Be comfortable working in their own personally maintained and equipped remote setting.
  • Own or obtain a personal computer and cell phone in order to work and communicate.
  • Regularly update management while maintaining their own ideal flexible schedule.
  • Maintain open lines of virtual communication using various platforms.
  • Stay innovative, positive and creative in a virtual small business setting.
  • Possess the ability and desire to work in a contract based virtual role.
  • Work independently, but be comfortable passing questions on to management as needed.
  • Possess expertise in customer service/engagement and high emotional intelligence.
  • Remain highly motivated to achieve goals and be a part of a growing team.
  • Have basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suites and G Suites.
  • Possess a basic understanding of web design and desire to learn more.
  • Utilize a secure network on a personal computer in order to perform job duties.
  • Have obtained a High School Diploma, GED, and/or other educational experience.
  • Have vast experience creating marketing copy & content for social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Show a strong work ethic and attention to detail, adapting to, suggesting and welcoming process changes.
  • Possess experience creating email marketing campaigns, including editing templates and utilizing best practices.


  • Contract-based salaried position at this time, with ability to set your own schedule
  • Remote work environment, available for anyone worldwide with the means to perform the job duties.
  • Build your own schedule, take scheduled time off as you need, work at the best time of the day for your lifestyle.
  • Ideal for those desiring an exciting social media management role with flexibility and growth opportunity.
  • As an expanding company, we will hire people with motivation and drive to succeed and grow with us.
  • Perfect for digital nomads and students, as you can work from anywhere with internet to do this job.
  • Option to work flexible hours to accommodate other things you may have going on in your life