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Frequently Asked Questions

will my website be mobile optimized?

Yes! Your website will be completely optimized for and functional on tablets and cell phones. All of our websites are built using “responsive website design” which means that the website adapts seamlessly to all screen sizes!

how long does it take to build a site?

It varies and is all dependent on the specifications of the project and number of revisions the customer is asking for. Our typical lead time for a 5 page site from start to launch is about 72 hours.

What is SEO and why is it so important?

In a nutshell, SEO helps a business grow by helping it “get found” online through search engines, like Google. SEO (or search engine optimization) is crucial to search engines because it will look for the important keywords on your website’s pages and match relevant websites to an internet user’s search results, we want that to be your website in front of your ideal audience!

Although SEO is relatively complex, three of the most important features are links, social media, and focus keywords. All of our websites include SEO suited specifically for your business. We will just ask some questions about your goals and determine the appropriate focus keywords to guide the optimization process!

How much does a site cost?

We work with each client’s unique website needs and ideal budget for their project. As an alternative to purchasing your website, we now offer a monthly subscription plan starting $29.99/month for qualified projects. This is popular with clients who want site maintenance and monitoring initially (or indefinitely) with an option to buyout the site at any time. There are limited projects approved per quarter, so contact us today!

We include minor edits and other perks with this plan, and there is no contract or buy-out penalty. If you ever decide you are ready to own the site yourself, you can purchase it and we will transfer ownership. If you already own your site and just want access to regular help and updating things, or transitioning to site ownership, this may also be for you! The plan covers one on one guidance as well as minor edits and training on learning your own site better.

Are there any required upfront fees?

Client satisfaction is our highest priority-we don’t collect any payment until our clients are 100% happy with their new site and it is live. We also offer 90 days of assistance after the site is published, including edits and one on one coaching, regardless of the plan you choose.

We now offer a generous referral program as well! For each successful referral, you will receive 25% off of any single invoice for services or a 25% commission of the sale generated by your referral. Make sure your referrals tell us that you sent them!

Do you offer any type of discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for small business, schools and non profit organizations, in addition to exclusive occasional specials we send out to email subscribers. Contact us to find out what discount you may qualify for!

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